Brass Kamarades Quintette de Cuivres

Comments and appreciations

Here are a few comments and appreciations chosen amongst all the ones we received along the years.  We hope that they will play a decisive role when comes the time to make a choice about hiring our musical services.

Translations by Denis Desnoyers

« You surpassed yourselves during the "25 ans au coeur de l'Hôpital" festivities of the "Fondation Santé" and you helped making this event unforgetable.  I thank you for your generosity and your great availability during the event. »

Danielle Poulin - Fondation Santé - March 2008

« What an extraordinary ambiance you created last Monday!  It was the first time ever that the music was bringing nothing but positive comments during one of our events. »

Me Luc Boulais - Fondation Santé - March 2008

« Let us tell you that your participation in our project was priceless, that it was greatly appreciated, bringing a particular and very important color to this recording. »

Christian Poupart - Les Goûts Réunis String Ensemble - April 2009

« And yesterday, I took the occasion to listen to the concert given by the members of Brass Kamarades brass quintet who were performing at the St-Luc sector library.  I spent a delicious moment. »

Denis Roy on his blog - January 2008

« Your presence at this evening brought a different color.  We know that you share with us this love of music and recognize the time and efforts you contributed to enliven this Spring concert. »

Nathalie Samson - Cercle Philharmonique de Saint-Jean - June 2009

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